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sometimes people say nice things about me...

"Ferrante’s dense, rich prose provides the perfect palette for Huber’s artistry. Her delivery of this well-plotted, absorbing story of friendship will leave listeners wanting more." Audiofile review of My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante

"Hillary Huber does an outstanding job narrating this dialogue-rich psychological thriller. Her confident performance adds chills to this serial murderer's evil story." Audiofile review of UNSUB by Meg Gardiner 

"I listen to a lot of audiobooks, so I've often daydreamed about having one of mine produced. I really couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. You NAILED it." Library at Mt.Char author, Scott Hawkins

"Huber embraces the author’s quirky asides narrating with the perfect amount of confident sass and exuberance. She comes across as the authentic voice of the text." Publishers Weekly review of Lives in Ruins by Marilyn Johnson

"I just finished listening to Library at Mt Char. I'm just filtering books read by you now instead of looking for subjects I'm interested in. Can you just come over to my house and read me everything forever?? Swoon." ❤️💕❤️😍★🌈😘❤️   A fan, via email and my personal fave

and cause you've gotta take the bad with the good...

I am trying to listen to a fairly good mystery and really wish you knew how to read mystery novels. All the characters speak very softly, especially the men, who at times sound like Valley Girls. disgruntled listener

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